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Thread: trying to choose between 2 martin bows

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    mr overkill

    Default trying to choose between 2 martin bows

    i have looked at many bows and ended up liking the shadow cat and the razor x

    which would be better off for target ? not for hunting at all

    and are there big differences between the dyna cam the tru arc and the nitrous cam???

    the bow i use now is a pse bow with a round wheel cam so i dont want to go tooo aggressive i was thinking of going with a tru arc

    please give me the pros and cons of each cam


    cant wait to get my new bow

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    Either bow would be a good choice for target. The Razor X sure has it's followers. Personally I wouldn't get one with the Tru-Arc cams. Martin has discontinued them and if for some reason you need to replace a cam then they will most likely offer you the DynaCam as a replacement.

    Your choice is obviously going to be DynaCam or Nitrous. I've gotten away from single cams after shooting them for seven years. Although they are popular and supposedly were a replacement for the dual cam sync problem, they introduce their own little problems.

    I like the Nitrous cams myself, especially on a target setup. With a good set of after market strings it's a very reliable system. In fact I like the Nitrous X system even more. With the X system there is no limb torque introduced to the system by a cable rod as there is no rod. This makes the bow smoother to draw and more accurate in itself.

    Depending on how techie you are the Nitrous is more "adjustable" than a single cam, too. Also, the standard modules are 75% letoff whereas you can get 65% modules for them. Any module replacement or draw length adjustment can be made without the use of a bow press.

    Hope some of this helps. You can always ask more.


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    mr overkill


    decided on a shadow cat

    now all i need to do is find a lefty one thats CLEAN

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