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Thread: New Martin Magcat bow for my son.

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    Default Magcat for me as well... I'm thinking yes!

    I gotta admit I liked the price on the Magcat and the bow is very well made. So that said a lot of bow for the price. And I do like the size and feel. So yes I too am considering one for me. It would be my first bow. Been a gun hunter all my life (small game and birds). Thanks for the input.


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    Default Magcat / Jaguar

    I've been bowhunting for years, mostly with antiquated equipment or secondhand junk.
    My hunting buddy has always shot Martins, and is always proclaiming what a well-rounded bow they are. For the past month or so, I've been lurking on Martins web site, as well as the ArcheryTalk web site. I've seen responses to people from Martin engineers, offering to help upgrade some really old setups.
    That's a FAR cry from the usual - "gee, that's not supported any more." - attitude most manufacturers offer.
    To make a long story short, after doing an enormous amount of research, and handling a dozen or so bows, I'm heading out to purchase a Jaguar tomorrow.
    It'll be my first brand-new bow, and I couldn't feel better about parting with my cash for one.
    No other brand has the customer support that Martin does, or the resources available to the end user.
    I feel confident that my purchase will be a good one, and I'll have a bow I can use for years to come.

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    Default satisfied customer

    Hi Jeff, well when all has been said and done, we got the module chnaged out and the setup for my son was finished off by a local guy who is a Mathews dealer. Super nice guy and super knowledgable. The bow is working great and I'm saving my pennies. Although the local guy has some nice used stuff that I'm leaning toward as well. All in all I'm very impressed with the what my son has and how well this is working for him. We're looking forward to next fall. Best of luck Jeff.


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